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Salvaged Architectural Antiques!

Distressed Bricks
Distressed Bricks
Various Molded Brick
Various Molded Brick

Attention Contractors And Homeowners!

Frank is an expert demolition technician who collects and handpicks architectural antiques, remains and other priceless building materials from old and historic buildings where he is contracted to demolish and remove in the Chester county, Pennsylvania area.

Some of his salvaged antique and architectural pieces include granite horses, steps and caps, marble steps, cast iron radiators (some scrolled), claw foot tubs, ashler lentals and caps, blue stone slabs and curbs, keystones, molded brick, medium to large stones, and many other antique supplies -- all carefully dismantled and in good to perfect condition, available to see and ready for resale (delivery available).

Many of his findings and collections are unique and rare or hard to find.

Much of his inventory is displayed on this web site, but you must visit his storage yard to see his entire inventory.

All supplies are great for homeowners, contractors, landscape designers, victorian architectural restoration, and more!

Make sure that you check with him when you are looking for old and unusual architectural or other hard-to-find building pieces.

Do not procrastinate, all inventory is priced for quick sale and sold "on the spot" for any reasonable offer!

Frank's storage yard is located in Woodlyn, Pennsylvania.

For more information, call: (610) 202-9119.

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